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About us

54974372_2 FARGEN FJORD as a company produces high-quality chemical products for all industries, specializing in such difficult areas as painting of gas pipelines and oil pipelines, specialized painting of transport systems and marine vessels and aviation. A separate area of ​​activity and the pride of our company are paints and varnishes for wood-finishing industry.

OUR MISSION - to convey the ideology of the company to protect the environment to every client who consumes our paint products.

COMPANY PURPOSE - to share with our customers our passion and professionalism in painting objects of any complexity and to make working with us as comfortable and profitable as possible.

54973999_2   54846859_3 In all our activities, we comply with applicable laws, act in accordance with ethical principles, in a sustainable and socially responsible manner, practice good corporate governance, and respect internationally recognized human rights. We support an open dialogue on ethical issues, both inside and outside the country. Open, honest and accurate communication is essential for our integrity and business success.

We provide an environment that is recognized for its equality and diversity, and treat everyone fairly, with respect and dignity. We do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment of colleagues or others.

We strive to conduct our business in an open manner, promoting transparency in our industry. We protect the information created by us or transferred to us, to ensure that appropriate confidentiality and integrity.

We strive to work with others who share our commitment to ethics and our values. We believe in the benefits of competition, and Fargen Fjord always competes fairly and ethically.

Working with us-you automatically become a participant in a charity event, as one crown from each purchase goes to charity and environmental protection

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FARGEN FJORD for our partners it is:
Profitable long-term relationship with our clients
Profitable long-term relationship with our clients
Thoughtful logistic. Fast delivery at anywhere in the world
Thoughtful logistic. Fast delivery at anywhere in the world
Quality products. Techical support. Saving cost programm
Quality products. Techical support. Saving cost programm
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